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12, May 26, 2024
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Our Mission: Lake Minnesuing Association

  • Protect the ecological integrity of Lake Minnesuing, its water quality, lakeshore and surrounding forests.
  • Represent the property owners of Lake Minnesuing, both residents and seasonal owners.
  • Preserve the unique qualities of Lake Minnesuing.
  • Observe lake activities, development and recreation.
  • Envision the future of Lake Minnesuing for the generations to come, recognizing that lakes represent a finite resource.

Board Members

Please contact any of the board members below with your questions.

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  • Jo Olsen, President
  • Jeff Eliason, Vice-President 
  • Tyra Newman, Secretary 
  • Joan Cordts
  • Jim Dahlberg, Treasurer
  • Pam Carlson
  • Brandon Olson
  • Ernest Newman

Lake Minnesuing Association Donations (Dues)

$25   $40   $60

Mail to:

Lake Minnesuing Association
P.O. Box 205
Lake Nebagamon, WI 54849

What We Have Accomplished

Through a combination of grants, member tax-deductible dues/donations and active hands-on volunteer efforts, the Lake Minnesuing Association continues to monitor and remove Aquatic Invasive Species including Yellow Flag Iris, Purple Loosestrife, Japanese Knotweed, and Curly-Leaf Pondweed from the lake and surrounding area.

Funds support the monitoring of boats at the public boat launch to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species and cover the cost for the replacement of lake buoys and chains when needed.

The Lake Minnesuing Association maintains a working relationship with the Lake Minnesuing Sanitary District for the mutual benefit of homeowners and the future of the lake. Members have access to notices of events, workshops, and important meetings at the county and state level. They are also provided a link to the Lake Connection, a quarterly publication by Wisconsin Lakes Organization that amplifies the joint voice of individual lakes, follows the policy making process and shares the happenings lakes are facing on a state-wide basis.

The Lake Minnesuing Association facilitates community service and engagement through events including a day of roadside clean-up, an annual meeting and picnic and the 4th of July boat parade, providing gift certificates to all participating boats. All events and notices of events are accessible to members on the Lake Minnesuing website and through the Lake Link newsletters.

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